Shiba Health Issues


The Shiba Inu like many other breeds does has health issues, The page is not designed to scare you to but to make you aware of the issues the breed faces & to find responsible breeders who complete health checks on any breeding stock




The breed has now been certified as having a congenital inherited ocular disease. Glaucoma is a particularly painfull condition (in our lay mans terms its too much pressure behind the eye) tends to manifest itself when the dog is about 3yrs old and will often lead to complete blindness. Only one test exists at the present moment in time which is fairly invasive as it invoves putting a lense onto the dogs eye to check the drainage behind it.  Only a few eye specialists around the country perform this procedure so the costs are not cheap, never mind the fact that my nearest is over a 5 hr return drive !



The following dogs have been tested & are not affected  ..............................


Champion Marilouvales Viva Las Vegas

Champion Marilouvales Surfer Boy

Marilouvales Budweiser

(Jap Import) Kurorikiou Go Talkousou At Marilouvale

Marilouvales Rio De Janerio

Marilouvales Rocky Balboa

Marilouvales San Fransisco

Champion Marilouvales Princess Leah

Marilouvales Oceans Eleven

Mymsin The Last Geisha At Marilouvale

 Marilouvales Asti Spumante

Marilouvales Jacobs Creek

Marilouvales Beech Babe

Marilouvales Chicago Bear

Copperdots Porsche

Marilouvales Cougar

Marilouvales Jester

Marilouvales Maverick

Marilouvales Charlie

(French Import )Allaikas Flamenco At Marilouvales

(Jap Import) Hoshi No Shunkou at Nankaiseisou


I am proud to annouce I now have only 2 'oldie' shiba's that are not tested & one of those is nearly 16yrs old

 (although all 3 have previously produced at least one generation of dogs & some on the 3rd generation of excellent eyes !)


I will continue testing all youngsters once they become old enough