Dogs For Re-Homing

 In an ideal world I would love to be able to keep all my Shiba's until they reach old age & head for the big blue skys above but I have to be realistic. I can only give a certain number of dogs the attention they desire & I have 2 options I either cannot keep any youngsters for the show ring or I look for ideal fireside homes for my retired show dogs or dogs that just simply don't enjoy the show ring. These are not rescue dogs, they do not have to have another home as they could live with me for the rest of their life, but for some dogs if a suitable caring 'fireside' home came up I would consider letting them go so that they can have more 121 attention. Any older 'rehomed' shiba will microchipped / if of a suitable age will already be neutered  (They will not come with KC papers)
If you are ever interested in an adult shiba's pls drop me a line on 01652 679093 or 07783 666929 with background information on the kind of home you can offer them as 
I have a beautiful black & tan boy (born Feb 2008) if the right home comes along I would consider letting him go to a fireside home. Good with other girls not suitable with other boys in the house, not suited with cats, been good with our children.   he is an active dog that still expects & needs daily walks. He will be castrated before rehoming 
Requirments for rehoming
  • No full time workers, you cannot leave a dog 8 hrs whilst you are at work :( Part time in some cases will be conisdered or if a provision has been made for during the day for some company / shift workers
  • Wilst these dogs have often been shown in the show ring, show ring noise is very different from something like London city life. Homes need to be a quieter countryside or edge of towns. No city centres please as unfair for the dog to adjust & be happy
  • You must have your own fenced in garden, proof of address will be required
  • Must be open to a home check (sorry to those who are honest but I am amazed how many people say they have a garden but don't, your address will be needed as a minimum for goole maps to check !)
  • You will be required to sign a legally binding document that if any problems arrise & they cannot be kept they must come be brought back to me here. It is not a 'try before you buy' senario but a period of settling in is to be expected & therefore a settling in period of 30 days is agreed (this maybe extended by mutual agreement)
  • Please provide information about the type of home you will be able to offer - listing things like other pets, any children, how long the dog may be left on its own, if you have any experience with the breed, any other usefull information that would assist me in knowing which dogs potentially would be best suited to your circumstances



This is the link to the Japanese Shiba Rescue Uk - they may have other shiba's needing homes? Click on the banner below to link you to the site