Puppy Questionnaire



Whilst I am happy to intially chat over the phone or by text in order to seriously considered for a puppy I need to know more information about yourself, your family & also your home. Completion of this questionnaire doesnt automatically mean you are able to go on the waiting list I am afraid, certain homes are not suitable for a shiba for example I would expect the home to have a garden (not a shared garden) to want a shiba. Once I had the questionaire we will then be able to talk in more detail




Shiba Questions

Are you looking for just a family pet?

Do you want to breed?

Are you happy to sign a legally binding agreement/contract saying that the puppy will never be used for breeding & must never be sold on?

Do you want to show?

Have you had dogs before? (if so what breed)

Do you have any dogs at the moment? (if yes what breed / sex & are they neutered, how would you describe there temperament)

Do you have a garden of your OWN that backs onto your own door?

What type of fencing/ height of fencing is around the garden?

Who is at home to look after the puppy?

If you work what hrs will he puppy be left alone?

Do you have children? If so what age are they?

Are you happy that the dog cannot be off a lead unless in an enclosed area?

Shiba puppies needs lots of socialisation have you researched where your local puppy training club is? Or where puppy socialisation classes are?

Are you prepared to put the time & effort in to ensure the puppy is adequately socialised

How would you describe your own personality? Very confident / everyday person / shy / nervous person?

Shiba’s can be very very stubborn, Would you say you are a very determined person too ?

Are you on FB? If so what name are you under

What is your occupation?

What's is your address

Have you checked the map as to where we are & happy to travel to us ? ( postcode LN7 6QB )

What's your land line number or mobile if no landline

What sex are you looking for?

What colour are you looking for?

Would you accept another other colour if your preferred colours wasn’t available?

Have you read the bit on my website that says if you are buying as a family pet KC docs are not issued just a pedigree certificate?

When are you looking to buy your shiba inu?

I am interested what made you contact me was it because of - My Website / Results in the show ring


Email your questionnaire to mariebryans2000@yahoo.co.uk (heading SHIBA QUESTIONNAIRE)