These are a selection of questions previously asked .......................

Q What was the Japanese Shiba Inu bred for ?

A They were bred for Hunting small game. This instinct is very strong and once a shiba gets a scent, no matter how much shouting you do it will fall on deaf ears. Speak to any Shiba owner and I bet the ‘flexi lead’ is their lifeline. Of course you can get the 1 in a million, I’m lucky Jaffa & Cassey can be let of leads & Ki, but try it with Angel, Magic ..... you would not see them for dust!!

Q What size do they grow to?

A Quite small as only up to 14-16” to the shoulder (but they don’t think so)

Q How do they get on with other dogs?

A I used to have Dobermanns and they used to get on fine (but the Shiba’s are boss) any large breed will be fine, but small breeds can be picked on quite badly although our Border Terriers seem to mix with no problem

Q Are they a yappy breed?

A No, in fact they are very quite. The only noise’s they tend to make sound like cats

Q How easy are they to toilet train ?

A very easy, again they are clean by nature - like cats

Q Do they need much exercise?

A No more than any other small dog. But if you havn’t a very secure garden he’ll exercise himself !. They are known to escape artists and will disappear through the smallest of holes. but if your a fond lover of the lakes they'll still be running around at the top of Scarfell when your out of breath & your legs are like jelly!

Q Will they get on with the other animals in the house?

A If brought up with cats then this will not be a problem. But if the children have rabbits, hamsters or other small rodents please take care as these will be thought of a lunch.

Q Everybody keeps telling me of the ‘Shiba Scream’ what is it?

A The Shiba scream is a very high pitched screech, be warned hearing this for the first time will shock you. It is only the equivalent of a childs tantrum

Want to read about the Shiba try ‘Japanese Shiba by Andrew De Prisco’ (Pet Love) Look out for the picture of Cassey on the inside cover and the picture of us competing at Crufts on page 25 (we are on the right hand side )

Any other questions ?......................... please E mail me or give me a ring (best time is after 8pm)- I will talk through the good point & bad points of a shiba for as long as you need all I ask if that you pay for the phone bill!