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Hi hope all is well, just to let you know taiyo is doing really well very well behaved!! Nearly 1 year old cant believe it. Thanks again
Hi, compliments for your beautiful shibas
your shibas are all beautiful dogs , im sure u know that already but i had to comment.
Both myself and my husband would like to say a really big thank you to Marie, for letting us adopt beautiful ki, who we got at 8 years old from Marie. We live him so very much and he has made our life so much more fulfilled.
Hi All

Would just like to say thanks for all the great information on this site. Its nice to hear 1st hand. All Shibas look great and so proud. I have dropped you guys a message through the contact option ! Hope to hear from you soon

Gary ! :)
HI Maria, I'm a Spain novel breeder, I saw one of their shibas in Paris in the world and I love and I would like to know price of their puppies, including ports to Spain, I love your Liana of blood and there is my question would be very interested in a couple both to Show how to improve the quality of my shibas I hope your answer and congratulations by so precious shibas.
carefully Juan
my sheba chucks is 5 nearly, hes my best freind , my life my love, hes a red sheba ive had him since he was 6 months old and wouldint be without him, i guess he gets who i am
crying looking through your pictures, i adore shiba inu's and nearly bought one a few months back, but was conned. then we found a genuine site selling a 1 year old, we contacted them, and a day later my husband lost his job and told me we could no longer afford to buy... so near, yet so far.. im still devastated, but still looking in hope. wonderful website, wonderful pictures!
Hey i love the website i have been thinking of getting a shiba for my family
Hello all.

I have only recently been looking into getting a dog for our family. And of all the breeds i have looked into i have to say that the Shiba is the one i have fallen in love with. Your website is fantastic and a great source of info. I have emailed you with a few questions to see if this breed would be suited to our lifestyle of moving alot (hubby is in the army) and if they can cope in hotter climates as we move to cyprus next year cause of my hubys job.
And also if they cope well with young toddlers. We have two boys aged 3 & 1.
Your dogs are gorgeous and it is very clear you have a passion and love that you do not see in all breeders and that is why i will be coming to you for our Shiba hopefully soon. x
Hi Marie,
Just checking back on your site to see how things are going!
Kobe is doing great up here in Newcastle and has made everyones lives that little bit better.
He's truelly part of the family. All the best.
Love your new website, some great pictures and results, also lots of educational stuff for wouldbe shiba owners. Good to see a breeder with such a passion for this beautiful breed. Couldnt find my favorite shiba of yours here tho.....wheres Rocky ?? Good luck for the future.
Hello, compliments for your web site e beautiful dogs!
Hi Marie
I love your new website it is so 'user friendly'. Love the picture of my Kenzo snuggling up in his duvet too :). You really are so very tallented to breed such wonderful dogs. So sorry for your your loss of Jack, I know how hard it is to lose a cherished companion. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon when we come up for a puppy for Mum and Dad.
I love your website I visit often to get inspiration. I have a red shiba male called Ted and he is my world. Its a shame there isnt more Shiba out there. But I am glad they are owned by caring loving people unlike other breeds I see on the news.
I just love your website, and visit often, I had two Shiba's for 16 yrs,they went to the bridge aged 16 and 14 only 4 months apart, so double heartache and pain,, no other dog has touched my soul like they did, it broke my heart when I lost them, it is almost two yrs now, but the tears still flow and the pain is still as sharpe.

I've been many times to your website looking with a great plesure at your beautiful dogs.The website is clear,well constructed and very comprehensive.All your dogs on the pictures are stunning.Now I cannot wait to buy my Shiba puppy from you in the spring.I am convinced I've made the right choice to contact you and will be rewarded with a fantastic little pup to look after.
Last Christmas after deliberating for a very, very long time we decided to go for a male shiba inu puppy (Red) from Marilouvale's and we couldn't have made a better decsion !! Our puppy Rocky is a wonderfully charming and handsome dog, who is absolutely brilliant with our children. He's always playing (and smiling!) and loves being part of the family!! You just can't help but fall in love for the stunning breed and the distinctive 'shiba smile', they're so loyal and caring - how could you want any other dog?!
i really like the new website the photo of demon on the cheesewring on bodmin moor made me smile as he does everyday he is the best money i ever spent . i now have three cats and he is amazing with them they all adore him and they always make a fuss of him when he returns from his walk. he is a fantastic dog and my life would be empty without him. congaratulations on the excellent showing with your dogs at crufts this year.
Absolutly beautiful dogs, would love to have one, not sure my cats would agree. Congrats on the birth of Chloe too xx
Hello there,
just wanted to compliment on your beautiful dogs.
Would love to join Vegas`s fun club. What a stunner he is!!
I breed cats, but have bred and showed American cockers many years ago.
Shibas are my favourite breed, but my current conditions would not allow me to have one...maybe one day.
Would love to wish you and your dogs all the very best.
I am so sorry to hear about Jack, he was a beautiful dog, I thought so ever since I first enterd your site, he and Vegas both caught my eye.
Hope the family feel better soon xx
Nice website. pups are so cute
Hello Marie!
What lovely dogs you have.
I realy fell for \"Vegas\" one of the most beautiful shibas I ever seen in a picture. Would love to see him \"live\" one day.
Good luck with your dogs!
Best regards Anna Mattsson from Sweden
Hi Marie Love the web site, what a fantastic job you\'re doing to better the breed. Hat\'s off to you. Go girl Go.
Watch this space!!! I will be doing. Good Luck for the future.
these pups are so cute great website i hope to have as cute shiba inu puppies!
I love the site and all the dogs are beautiful!
Can\'t wait for more pix to go up! I will keep sending in updates of Robin!
Thank you! xx
Well done on the new website, lovely pictures of both 4 legs and 2. See you at the shows
Some great pictures, love the new 2 legged edition to the family. Caroline won\'t be ready for a break for quite some years I am sure, gives you plentyof time to train Chloe. (As you may notice, a firend of Carolines).
Wonderful web-site with good information and lovely photos of beautiful Shibas.
Excellent new website!! You have beautiful Shibas of very correct type. Wishing you every success in the future! x