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COVID - 19 & Puppies


I have lost track how many calls/emails I have had looking for puppies since the lockdown for COVID - 19 lockdown


I will not sell puppies whilst on lockdown for the following reasons, neither would any responsible breeder !


  •  It is not classed as emergency travel & therefore I would be encouraging you to break the law
  • My Daughter has a low immune system, so welcoming in guests would put her at risk if the virus was brought into my household
  • Shiba Puppies require lots & lots of socialisation, with people , other dogs, noisy places ....... Under lock down you will not be able to get the puppy the required socialisation. Therefore you will end up with a nervous shiba who is not a pleasure to take out anymore
  • Vets are shut apart from an emergency, so I cannot get the pup vet checked before leaving
  • Microchipping couldn't be completed before the pup left ( I would be breaking the law selling with no microchip)
  • Vets are shut apart from an emergency , so you cannot get your pup vaccinated (vaccines are not classed as an emergency)
  • Because you are home all the time you are at risk of your puppy being too dependant on you & when you return to work it is likely to suffer with separation anxiety

It admit it sounds like a good idea to get a pupy whilst you are off work for 3 weeks or more. But in reality its the worst thing you can do. What is a good idea though, is reading up on the breed Jean Donaldson The Culture Shock & It's Mine two great books for you to read


Also take this time to research your local puppy socialisation classes , your local vets & dog trainers. Go round & puppy proof your home and garden ready !!